Girl’s Blood 2014 watch online movies


Girl’s Blood 2014 watch online movies

Published on Dec 20, 2015

Girl’s Blood [Aka x Pink]
Story :: Four girls take part in illegal underground fighting event “Girl’s Blood” held at an abandoned school building in Roppongi every night.
The girls have their own stories and quirks from their private lives. Satsuki (Yuria Haga) suffers from a gender identity disorder,
Chinatsu (Asami Tada) ran away from an abusive husband, Miko (Ayame Misaki) is a S&M queen and Mayu (Rina Koike)
has a Lolita face.

Starring :
Yuria Haga as Satsuki
Asami Tada as Chinatsu
Ayame Misaki as Miko
Rina Koike as Mayu
Misaki Momose as Momomi
Hideo Sakaki

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