Hero Ke Tevar (2016) south indian movies dubbed in hindi


Hero Ke Tevar (2016) south indian movies dubbed in hindi

Published on Mar 7, 2016
The movie story deals with a zamindar who insults Durga by try stealing her idol in the temple in a state of inebriation and gets killed by the enraged Durga who puts a curse on his heirs that she is going to take one family member each every 48 years on the day of Diwali and one male heir dies accidentally at the end of every 48 years. The present year denotes end of another 48 years and the Target of Durga is Murari, the Grandson of Sabari whose husband died 48 years back because of the curse. He is survived by his father Sattipandu, brothers Sreenayya, Baachi and Soori and their respective wives and kids along with Sabari. Murari is named after Sabari’s husband and thus is called with utmost respect by all family members except Gopi who calls him either by his name or as Kanayya.

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