Mastani Ek Haseena 2015 tamil movies dubbed in hindi


Mastani Ek Haseena 2015 tamil movies dubbed in hindi

Published on Apr 28, 2016
The movie story deals with Mastani a brave and bold girl. She is great in martial arts. She lives in Hyderabad and does some murders. She is helped by Sekhar Azad. Police never understand about these mysterious murders as to who is doing and who is planning them. Government then induces CBI as Srimannarayana. Srimannarayana is left clueless about the killer even after many efforts. Mastani reduces her enemies one by one. Bangarraju a criminal and a minister’s son is one among them. After that CBI intensifies the search. Srimannarayana gets to know some facts about the serial killer. He came to know that killer is Mastani and she is daughter of Ashok Gajapathi Raju, who belongs to the Krishnapatnam. In bid to acquire lucrative mines, Minister destroys her family and the villiage.

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