Miss Lovely 2014 Watch Online hd hindi movie

Miss Lovely 2014 Watch Online hd hindi movie


Miss Lovely 2014 Watch Online hd hindi movie

Miss Lovely 2014 Watch Online hd hindi movie


Miss Lovely is a 2012 Indian drama film directed by Ashim Ahluwalia and set in the criminal depths of Mumbai’s C-grade (horror and porn film) industry.[2] Ahluwalia’s debut feature follows the story of the Duggal brothers who produce sleazy sex-horror films in the mid-1980s.[3] The plot explores the intense and mutually destructive relationship between younger sibling Sonu Duggal, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and his elder brother, Vicky (Anil George). Sonu finds himself drawn to a mysterious young woman named Pinky (Niharika Singh) eventually leading to his downfall. Miss Lovely had its cinematic release on 17 January 2014.[4] The film has received the National Film Award – Special Jury Award (Feature film) and Best Production Design at the 61st National Film Awards.[5]

The stylized form, densely layered narrative, period costumes and production design simultaneously conveys a pulp style and contemporaneous modernity. Jonathan Romney of Sight & Sound described the film as “A shock to the system – an Indian film like I’d never seen.”[6] The film constantly switches between genre pieces and is part hard-boiled film noir, part love story, part melodrama and part documentary. It has been compared to Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express[3] and Dario Argento’s Suspiria.[7]According to an interview with Ahluwalia, however, he only mentions an affinity with “Filmmakers from the [Japanese] New Wave, like Nagisa Oshima, [Shohei] Imamura, Seijun Suzuki.”[8]

Directed by Ashim Ahluwalia
Produced by Shumona Goel
Sanjay Shah
Pinaki Chatterjee
Written by Ashim Ahluwalia
Uttam Sirur
Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Niharika Singh
Menaka Lalwani
Anil George
Zeena Bhatia
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cloudland Canyon
Kip Uhlhorn
Cinematography K. U. Mohanan
Edited by Paresh Kamdar
Ashim Ahluwalia
Distributed by Easel Films (India)
Eagle Movies (India)
Release dates
  • 24 May 2012 (Cannes)
  • 17 January 2014 (India)


Running time
110 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

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