Toofani Yodha (2016) south indian movies dubbed in hindi


Toofani Yodha (2016) south indian movies dubbed in hindi

Published on Mar 9, 2016
The movie story deals with Romeo and Chitti are inseparable childhood friends. But when Romeo crashes Chitti’s sandcastle by mistake, Chitti gets angry and asks Romeo not to meet her for 12 years. She does, however, promise to marry him at the end of the lengthy hiatus, leaving Romeo but a glimmer of hope. After half-heartedly agreeing to her harsh terms, the forlorn Romeo leaves home, the pain of living in Visakhapatnam without seeing Chitti too much to bear. He winds up in Chennai, hence the tagline, Made in Chennai. He spends those dozen years in Chennai presumably like a ‘goonda’, as he is shown beating up people. Also, he spouts Tamil dialogues now and then, and is a great fan of Rajnikanth. When Romeo returns after 12 years, he foolishly beats up cops in mufti, and lands in jail.

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