The Wandering Soul Murder watch online hollywood movies


The Wandering Soul Murder watch online hollywood movies

Published on Feb 14, 2015

A thriller movie with Victor Garber.
Meika, a caterer, receives the shock of her life when she sees Debbie, her employee, lying murdered. The media and police suspect that hers is the latest in a slew of prostitute killings called the Little Flower Murders. When her mother, Joanne Kilbourn, openly raises doubts about this conjecture, she is hired by a television network as a crime reporter and starts her own investigation. In the middle of her investigation, Christy, her son’s fiancй, is also murdered. Though it is termed as suicide, Joanne feels it is connected to the previous murder. Joanne travels to Christy’s village only to find a strong connection between the murdered girls and a prostitution ring. She also discovers more horrifying facts about Christy. This leads her to infer that the murder might have been committed by a series of persons. It is a classic murder mystery thriller made for television that is a must watch for all movie lovers.
Director: Brad Turner

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